A Straight Smile Is the Best First Impression

We all know the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but the reality is: we all do. First impressions are really important and your smile says a lot about you. That’s why at Dunn Orthodontics, we care about not only helping our teens, but about helping adults as well. A straight smile is […]

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Early Treatment: Does Your Child Need To See An Orthodontist?

By Dr. Curtis Dunn As an orthodontist I’m often asked about the best time to have children evaluated for orthodontic treatment. The challenge is that every kid is different! However, a good milestone is around age seven, when a child’s jaw is developed enough, and he or she has enough permanent teeth for an orthodontist […]

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Say Goodbye to Braces and Hello to Invisalign!

By Dr. Curtis Dunn If you’re looking to straighten your smile but don’t want to go the traditional route, there’s another option available to you: Invisalign®. Dunn Orthodontics is a certified Invisalign Premier provider and we can help you reach your goal of having a beautiful smile and a healthy bite! Sound good? Should we […]

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